The Glenrothes

the Glenrothes bottle next to poured drink

Client: The Glenrothes
Industry: Spirits
Date: May 2018 – Present


Beginning in mid-2018 Forte Mare took the reins of The Glenrothes Whisky Instagram (@GlenrothesWhisky) account to transform the brand’s US social media presence.

The goal with the Glenrothes Instagram has been to visually differentiate the whisky.from its direct competitors with unique and interesting content while still appealing to the core audience.

Forte Mare has developed content for 2 key campaigns with The Glenrothes. The first featuring imagery with rich textures, colours and a focus on product and natural elements. The second turning more towards the quirky, premium and artistic side of the brand and its expressions.

Content production for this account is done completely in-house creative direction location scouting, props and equipment, talent, photography and videography, and editing. The phases of The Glenrothes Instagram are an illustration of the range of content that falls into Forte Mare’s wheelhouse – from photo shoots to video to graphics and beyond.

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