Yellow Willow Yoga and MAYDE featured in Romper's Mother's Day Gift Guide

“The gifts on this list will help you to connect with your mother-in-law in all the ways in which she is *not* the worst. Because everybody has their good points, right? Your mother-in-law might be a great cook, or have a unique sense of style. She might have a knack for home design or a sharp political mind. She’s fine most of the time really, is the thing! Except when she’s the worst, you know?,”

– Jacqueline Burt Cote

“For the always chilly” – Romper recommends the Vaucluse Throw in Denim
“How to go with the flow” – Romper recommends the Blush Leopard YWY mat.

“Another subtle way to suggest that your MIL make time for some anxiety-reducing habits, these top-of-the-line mats add another level of comfort to anyone’s yoga practice, whether they’re beginners or pros.”

Thank you, Jacqueline, for the inclusion.
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