Results-driven, creative storytelling that delivers brand awareness via targeted media coverage. Whether via traditional or social PR, we uniquely represent each brand to garner positive reviews and build long-term media relationships.


We take the size, scope and culture of each business into account and develop a strategic marketing plan tailored toward specific goals. Our forte is brand, people and project management across digital, print and experiential marketing.


Supporting brand sales with care and attention to detail. From retailer outreach to third party logistics (3PL), warehousing, inventory and direct-to-consumer fulfillment, we ensure a great brand presence within each industry.

(for-tā) (mär-ā)
1. One’s strong point. See also: Strength, Talent, Skill
2. Italian – Sea

chart a course

Helping brands, people and projects set business goals and marketing objectives - while defining the brand proposition in a crowded competitive market.

set sail

Our global network of creative, production and media partners allows us to create custom solutions across multiple marketing tactics, delivering successful results.