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Carryology is a Skeptic-Turned-Supporter of The James Brand

Practical not tactical. That says it all. That’s what The James Brand is all about.” – Carryology

Carryology’s David Vo is not one to jump on board with all the newest fads. He is meticulous yet curious- qualities which led him to sit down with The James Brand’s Ryan Coulter, Sam Amis, and Kevin Callahan to find out what the hype was all about.

Vo sat down to chat with our friends at The James Brand to learn more about their background and methods for designing these EDC knives. Vo admits he was “on a mission that morning,” to get to the bottom of what this company was all about. However, after getting to know the guys, Vo is “completely on board with their approach and philosophies.” Coming from Carryology, that means a lot.

We are so thankful to work with such solid companies such as The James Brand and Carryology.
Check out the full interview here.
Author, David Vo features the James brand studio