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Style Caster features Mayde

Style Caster features Mayde’s Turkish Beach Towels.

“Even before Instagram was a ~thing~, I used to try and pick the cutest towelsfrom the stack my mom kept above our washer. It wasn’t always easy—a lot of the towels had gotten old, bleach stained or hole-y—but I had a couple towels I knew were cute enough to bring to that sixth grade pool party. Now that we document pretty much every aspect of our lives, having a cute beach towel feels even more necessary. I know it can sound silly, but surrounding yourself with cute things (along with other, non-material things like love!!) can kind of improve your mood. It’s the same as putting on a cute outfit when you’re not feeling great—it just kind of helps start the process of adjusting your attitude.,”

– Maggie Griswold


Thank you, Maggie, for the inclusion.
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