Highland Park ‘Orkadia’

highland park bottle in wilderness

Client: Highland Park Whisky
Industry: Spirits
Date: June 2018


Highland Park Orkadia was a three-day immersive installation in celebration of the longest day of the year in a landscape unique in the world: Orkney, Scotland. Forte Mare planned, facilitated and executed the installation in collaboration with Studio Lily Kwong to bring Orkney to life in Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall, the heart of NYC.

Highland Park, the Orkney single malt with Viking soul, launched its newest expression, The Light. The installation was not only a celebration of the summer solstice and Highland Park’s unique home on Orkney but also a nod to the distillery’s Nordic ancestry and the Vikings’ immense respect for nature, exploration and creativity. Artist, entrepreneur and modern-day Viking Lily Kwong brought the wild yet calm Orkney Islands landscape to life with over 2,000 square feet of live moss, native grasses and 220 pots of purple heather as a nod to the distillery’s 220th anniversary.